Crowns and Bridges


Restore Your Smile

Do you have old, cracked metal crowns? Maybe fractured a tooth or missing teeth? If so, highly-experienced Penfield dentists such as Dr. Sanon can help.

Our practice offers crowns and bridges made from only the highest quality dental materials, such as ceramic and zirconium. These materials provide a safe, strong, and beautiful restoration for you and your smile. A dental crown (often called a “cap”) is placed over weak, broken, or decayed teeth to improve their aesthetics and function. Bridges are a common dental appliance used to seamlessly fill the gap left behind from one or more missing teeth. This occurs by anchoring the appliance to healthier teeth on both sides of the missing area. A prosthetic tooth is then suspended in the middle, resulting in a natural and inconspicuous-looking restoration.

Providing the Latest Technology

Dr. Manish Sanon is one of just a handful of dentists in the entire state of New York to use 3M’s True Definition Scanner for our dental restorations. With this latest technology, the need for uncomfortable gag-inducing impression material is eliminated. The scanner takes a digital impression of the area needing restoration and converts it into video, combining hundreds of pictures per second as the wand moves over the tooth. The images are then electronically sent to our dental lab where your crown is fabricated using the highest quality 3M materials. Benefits to the 3M True Definition Scanner include:

  • A shorter appointment.
  • No more drooling or gagging.
  • The elimination of poorly-tasting impression materials.
  • An outstanding fit in comparison to traditional impressions.
  • Your crown will be ready in just a few days!

Long-Standing Relationship

We value your safety and the longevity of your restoration. For this reason, our crowns and bridges are never manufactured outside the United States. We work with BonaDent, a premier local dental laboratory. We have developed a wonderful relationship with them and have used their services for more than 20 years. Offering state-of-the-art equipment and training facilities, BonaDent welcomes our patients to visit their dental suite for color-matching and shading, especially with more complicated cosmetic cases. This allows the lab technician to visualize the end result and create the most lifelike, beautiful restoration possible.

Wouldn’t you love a shorter appointment with better results? Other dentists in our area are unmatched in Dr. Sanon’s training, technique, and use of technology. We invite you to experience the difference for yourself by contacting our practice today!