Metal-Free Fillings

metal-free-fillings-penfield NY

Are you in need of a dental filling? Whether you have chipped a tooth or decay has been found – we are your premier choice for providing metal-free fillings in Penfield, NY. With more than 20 year’s experience placing fillings, we literally are able to remove any decay or any unsightly and ugly old silver amalgam fillings and replace them with virtually invisible white fillings to make your smile sparkle!

During your procedure, we use state-of-the-art technology such as The Wand, which painlessly delivers anesthetic using a computerized system. We prepare the tooth’s surface and use only the best materials to bond the filling to your tooth. In one short appointment, we can have your tooth restored and you’ll be on your way.

We know you can go just about anywhere for a metal-free filling these days, but here are a few reasons we stand out:

  • We are up-to-date–We stay abreast of the latest technologies and composite dental materials available through yearly continuing education courses.
  • We are experienced–We perform metal-free fillings for Penfield, NY, patients every day. In fact, based on sheer lifetime numbers, we estimate Dr. Sanon has successfully placed more than 61,000 fillings in his dental career. Now that’s a whole lotta fillings!
  • We are modern–Modern equipment such as The Wand, eliminates the pinching sensation of traditional anesthesia methods. This type of modern technology is rare to find in other Penfield dental offices. In addition, we choose to only place non-metal, composite fillings. We are an amalgam-free office and have not placed an amalgam filling in more than ten years.

We invite you to experience our thorough, gentle, and caring approach for your dental needs. Schedule an appointment with us today!