Have you been searching for dentists in Penfield, NY, who will provide exceptional routine dental care for you and your family? The Smile Center of Rochester provides excellent dental care through our gentle but meticulous cleanings and oral examinations.

Providing the Latest Dental Technologies

The Smile Center of Rochester utilizes cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure you receive the very best care possible. Before your dental hygiene appointment, we will thoroughly review your medical history and monitor your blood pressure. Our hygienists will then perform your dental cleaning.

First, traditional hand instruments will be used for the precise removal of tartar. Tartar is a mixture of plaque, saliva, and bacteria that has hardened onto the tooth surface and can only be removed by a professional.

Next, an ultrasonic scaler is used. This instrument produces soft vibrations, combined with water flow, to effectively break down bacteria and remove stains and deposits from the teeth. One of the latest technologies we utilize is the Prophy Jet. This air polishing system removes plaque and stains while whisking away tartar and food. The Prophy Jet will leave your teeth polished, clean, and your mouth feeling refreshed.

If necessary, we also offer a soft-tissue dental laser which gently removes bacteria from underneath the gum line. Once the bacteria is removed, this easy, painless procedure will promote quick healing of your gums.

After each cleaning, Dr. Sanon himself performs a thorough oral examination, complete with an oral cancer screening. In addition to a visual exam, we also use the Velscope system, to help us more accurately identify potential problem areas. The Velscope is non-invasive and takes less than two minutes to complete.

Experience the Difference!

The quality of care you will receive at The Smile Center of Rochester is phenomenal. Unlike other dentists in Penfield, NY, we go above and beyond to ensure great patient ambiance and comfort. You will have a variety of music and TV shows to choose from, dimmed lighting, and your personal choice of aromatherapy scents to soothe your senses. Each of our dental hygienists have more than 20 years of experience in their field. They are highly talented and truly top-of-the line. We are thrilled to have them on our team.

We invite you to experience the difference for yourself. Don’t hesitate another moment. Call today to schedule your next hygiene appointment!