Dental Implants


Enhance Your Smile in as Little as One Day!

Imagine a dental office capable of providing a solution for your missing teeth in as little as one day. If you’re embarrassed to smile or speak because of your missing teeth, we have wonderful news for you. Mini dental implants in Rochester, NY, are being performed from beginning to end within a week – and often within the same day – by Dr. Manish Sanon!

An Experienced Dentist Can Greatly Improve Your Quality of Life

Dental implants are truly changing lives. They are an excellent long-term replacement option for missing teeth since they look and function like natural teeth. Choosing Dr. Sanon for your dental implants is an excellent decision. Completing a year-long course at The Shatkin Institute in Buffalo, NY, Dr. Sanon was taught by a “guru of mini dental implants.” In addition, he completed his residency training in San Francisco and is currently a member of The International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI).

Allow us to renew your confidence with a beautiful and fully functional smile. Schedule your consultation for dental implants in Penfield, NY, with Dr. Manish Sanon today!