Patient Reviews



“After doing online research for dental practices that specialize in Dental Reconstruction, based upon their reputation, I decided to have my smile rebuilt at the Smile Center of Rochester. Dr. Sanon is the nicest, most caring dentist I have ever known. The team of professional people Dr.  Sanon has working there are very nice. After the first day, I felt like I have known everyone in the office all of my life. Dr. Sanon promised me a new smile by my birthday and he delivered as promised. Not only did he deliver, but he was uniquely sensitive to building a perfect smile that best fit my age (50 years old). When I smile now, my teeth not only look great but look  natural and feel natural. My experience and new smile not only improved my health, but also boosted my confidence. I don’t have to hide my teeth anymore in  public, and I can smile with outgoing confidence for the first time in my life. I am a performing guitarist and teacher, so having a great smile is important to me. I have received many compliments from family, friends, and  co-workers. Some can’t believe the change. I am a new me! I have to drive 50  miles each way to the Smile Center of Rochester but it is worth the drive. If you are seeking a dentist, look no further. The Smile Center of  Rochester is a great place. Make the call. It will change your life! — Jim D., Albion,  NY.


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